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Equestion is an interactive learning experience..

As the result of over a decade of teaching and assessing students, the Equestion app provides an interactive approach to learning for equestrian training. All horse care and riding topics are covered in-depth with accurate and valuable content in a modern accessible format.


You can learn, revise and test your horse care knowledge, on the go, anywhere and anytime right in the palm of your hand. 

So what makes Equestion great? You can...

  • Learn and test your knowledge on the go with your smartphone.

  • Pick up whenever and wherever without the need for heavy books!

  • Multiple choice questions on all horse care and riding topics, with hundreds of questions to challenge you.

  • Involves active learning, so you interact with the content, to improve understanding and recall.

  • Intuitive questioning means the app knows which questions you don’t know and will keep quizzing you until you gain understanding.

  • Share your success with your friends by sharing scores on social media.

  • Easy to use for all ages and abilities.

  • Content is written by equine professionals with years of practical experience of teaching and assessing.


This app contains all the knowledge anyone involved with horses may need, from the leisure rider and horse owner to the competitor and career students studying for exams.


Equestion provides an interactive and enjoyable learning experience that stimulates and reinforces understanding and acknowledges success.


The app gives continual feedback which enables users to analyse their performance and its intuitive questioning will remove questions once satisfied with understanding and keep quizzing those tricky questions until the user has gained the knowledge.


With two levels of difficulty and hundreds of questions covering all topics of horse care and riding knowledge, Equestion challenges users to learn and test their understanding. 

Equestion makes horse care knowledge extremely accessible to all and helps a wide variety of equestrians, including:


  • Beginner and novice riders

  • Horse owners or people considering purchasing a horse

  • Non-horsey parents considering horse ownership for their child

  • Students to assist learning and revision for certificates and exams

  • Apprentices and working pupils

  • Riding instructors and coaches to refer clients to as often there is not enough time to teach theory, as the focus is on practical activities.

  • Instructors running pony camps or session, as they can use the app for fun quizzes with students.

  • Equine professionals, including associated equine health professionals who can refer clients to improve their horse care knowledge and understanding.

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