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Our Mission 

Our promise

Equestion aims to educate and improve standards of horse care worldwide. To make learning accessible and enjoyable to benefit both horse and rider.

Our aims 

To reach equestrians worldwide in order to improve horse welfare, care and understanding in all communities using mobile technology.

  • Provide interactive learning for all.

  • Assist students with learning knowledge and theory for examinations and certificates.

  • Provide information for horse owners to enable them to provide correct care.

  • To offer a reliable source of information.

  • Help equestrian professionals in their role, offering a tool to refer clients, in order to aid learning.

  • Promote safety when working around horses and riding.



After a decade of success running an equestrian centre with a focus on alternative ways of learning. Psychologist and coach, Lucy knows how to approach a familiar issue from a different perspective. Encountering endless students who struggled with the theoretical side of horse care and riding made her consider an alternative.


Equestion has been two years in the making, and is the answer for students, horse owners and riders, as well as professionals looking to provide their clients with a reliable source of information that engages, and most of all, encourages students to learn. 


Lucy recently changed lifestyle from running a busy yard, to focus on reaching equestrians further afield with the power of today's technology. She lives in North Warwickshire with her family, including their two horses Dolly and Daisy (who you will see featured in the app!) 

BSc (Hons) MSc , Founder/Creator 



Technology and education is Ben's expertise, as he assists in the best uses of technology for Equestion and ensuring our mobile and online learning community runs smoothly.  Ben's IT career in the education sector means he is able to provide his skills to help Equestion provide the best experience possible. 

Ben is also groom for Lucy and the above mentioned horses and has become very capable on the yard! Although he prefers a different type of horsepower given the opportunity; modifying classic cars in his spare time. 

Technology Consultant


'My passion has always been teaching riding and horse care to improve the life and welfare of horses and ponies by educating the riders and carers.' 

Jacky brings her wealth of experience and expertise in equestrian knowledge, growing her ABRS and BHS Approved Riding Centre and Training Centre for over twenty years , after experience working as groom, instructor and head girl in various yards gaining experience with a variety of horses.  During this time, she has trained many young people for their NVQs and BHS qualifications. For over ten years she worked for a leading Ofsted Outstanding Training Provider as an assessor and Internal Quality Assurer in the work based sector. In this role, visiting learners in a variety of yards and also carrying out testing for many high profile riders for the Award in the Principles of Transporting Horses By Road On Long Journeys.  

Content Developer


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